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Juilliard - Bed

Vendor: Furniture of America

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Technology makes its way into the bedroom in this unique contemporary bed. Bluetooth speakers on both sides of the headboard make it easy to connect your phone wirelessly. Listen to your favorite tunes while you doze off on this extravagant leatherette bed, tufted all around with crystal-like acrylic buttons.
Juilliard - California King Bed - Silver
93.75"W x 76.5"D x 43.75"H - 161.5 lb
Juilliard - Eastern King Bed - Silver
89.75"W x 80.5"D x 43.75"H - 166.3 lb
Juilliard - Full Bed - Silver
85.75"W x 58.5"D x 43.75"H - 147.6 lb